Aktivitet och försörjning

Ph.D. students are required each term to give a report of the extent of their research activity and how this activity is financed. For Uppsala University this report is made on a form which may be found here.

The department is required to collect this information regarding levels of activity and types of funding by a decision of the Vice-Chancellor (1995-06-20), which in turn complies with the regulations laid out in the Ordinance (1993:1153) concerning the Reporting of Higher Education Studies etc. at universities and university colleges. The data is compiled by the Student Records Office and reported to Statistics Sweden (SCB). The reported information as regards levels of activity is also used to determine the entitlement of Ph.D. students to student discounts (for example, by the Students’ Union).

If you need assistance to complete the form please contact Eva-Lena Wahlberg.


Studierektor för forskarutbildning, kliniska enheter:
Lars Hillered, Akademiska sjukhuset

Studierektor för forskarutbildning, prekliniska enheter:
Helgi Schiöth, BMC

Eva-Lena Wahlberg

Doktorandrepresentant i Institutionsstyrelsen:
Hedvig Zetterberg, doktorand inom fysioterapi

PM Antagningsseminarium

Antagningsseminarium syftar till att höja kvaliteten i forskarutbildningen genom att ge stöd till tilltänkt doktorand och handledare för planering av studierna. Läs om genomförandet härProtocol - Admission seminar

Vid problem

Det kan finnas tillfällen under forskarutbildningen då problem eller osäkerhet uppstår. Till din hjälp kan, förutom handledaren, även studierektorerna för forskarutbildningen samt doktorandrepresentanterna i Institutionsstyrelsen hjälpa dig, kontakta dem gärna!

Winner of PhD student Best poster relay at Neuroscience Day 2017

Evgenii Bogatikov, Ph D student in Clinical Neurophysiology, won the Ph D student Best poster relay with his poster/presentation. Congratulations!

To read the motivation behind the decision please follow the link to the webpage.