Speech-Language Pathology

Logopedics or Speech-Language Pathology focuses disorders of speech, language, and swallowing, including communication disorders such as dyslexia. The research within the field is about causal mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment, and support. The subject is interdisciplinary, including neuroscience but also linguistics, phonetics, psychology, and various branches of medicine.

The research group for logopedics in Uppsala is connected to the Speech-Language Pathology education program. The programme includes an exam project at advanced level (one semester), which have become an integrated part of the research within the unit. The research is particularly directed towards:

-The causal mechanisms of stuttering and other speech fluency disorders, from a neuroscience perspective.

-The roles of the declarative and procedural memory systems for language impairment and dyslexia in children (in collaboration with Georgetown University, Washington DC.)

-Treatment of aphasia and the significance of support to significant others.

-Language development and communication skills in individuals who use graphic systems as alternative communication forms.

-Methods for transcranial non-invasive neuromodulation, and possible use in rehabilitation.