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Substance use disorders and neuropsychiatric disorders

Research into substance use disorders have a long history at the department, with a strong focus on long term follow ups of opioid substitution treatment, iatrogenic opioid use disorder, as well as on early detection and brief intervention for alcohol use disorder in general psychiatric populations. Psychiatric comorbidity is common and different conditions should be treated simultaneously according to updated national recommendations.

Our overall aim is to investigate factors that affect the outcome of treatment for substance use disorders and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and to evaluate new treatments and already existing complementary treatment options. We are also interested in biopsychosocial mechanisms underlying the development and maintenance of these disorders.

Group members

Mimmie Willebrand

Christina Nehlin Gordh

Katarina Danielsson

Leif Grönbladh

Lena Bergdahl

Tobias Eriksson


Project leader:

Mimmie Willebrand