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Psychiatric Epidemiology

Our research focuses on epidemiological aspects of suicide, affective disorders and anorexia nervosa. We investigate predictors of both psychiatric and somatic outcomes.

Various aspects of suicide are studied using descriptive and analytical methods. Seasonality in suicides with a peak incidence during spring/early summer is studied in particular with focus on the theoretical framework and possible clinical implications.

Retrospective register cohorts are utilized to study mortality, comorbidity patterns and somatic outcomes in anorexia nervosa patients, as well as in patients with craniofacial disorders. Anorexia nervosa serves as a model of severe caloric restriction in humans, while craniofacial disorders may provide neurodevelopmental insights for several psychiatric outcomes.  

We aim at a better understanding of mental disorders and their consequences which can hopefully contribute to a more efficient care and better prognosis.

Members of the group:

Fotis Papadopoulos

Georgios Makris

Karin Tillman

Jan Kask

Lisa Ekselius



Fotis Papadopoulos

Project leader:

Fotis Papadopoulos