Healthcare research in psychiatry

The aims of our research projects are to develop methods and interventions to be implemented in psychiatric settings. The projects relate to health, quality of life and normal life activities. The general goal is to improve the psychiatric care to be as effective as possible while focusing on the patient’s needs. Our projects are often closely linked to the clinic and aim to develop the patient’s participation in her/his psychiatric care, as well as to support the patient’s own capacity to manage her/his own problems. An important goal is to, by more refined methods, prevent the development of more complex psychiatric conditions. 

Members of the group:

Caisa Öster
Christina Nehlin Gordh
Mimmie Willebrand
Johanna Salberg
Lisa Ekselius


Project leader:

Caisa Öster


Latest publications

Nehlin C, Carlsson K, Öster C: Patients’ experiences of using a cellular photo digital breathalyzer for treatment purposes. Journal of Addiction Medicine, DOI: 10.1097/ADM.0000000000000373.

Nehlin C, Arinell H, Dyster-Aas J, Jess K: Alcohol habits and health care use in patients with psychiatric disorders. Journal of Dual Diagnosis 2017, 13(4):247-253

Hammarberg A, Öster C, Nehlin C: Drinking motives among patients seeking treatment for problematic alcohol use. Journal of Addictive Diseases 2017; 36(2):127-135