GABA-A receptors in cancer

In collaboration with professors A. Smits (Uppsala University) and E. Aronica (Neuropathologist, Netherlands) we have characterized expression of GABA-A receptors subunits in human gliomas of various malignancy. Our results show that GABA-A subunit expression in human glioma correlates with tumor histology and clinical outcome (Smits et al., 2012). The results indicate that if we can boost the GABA system we may be able to decrease tumor malignancy/proliferation. In a cell-line derived from human glioblastoma, in collaboration with professors K. Forsberg-Nilsson, B. Westermark and L. Uhrbom, we demonstrated that the GABA-A receptors were functional and modulated by drugs and in particular by the anaesthetic etomidate (Babateen et al., 2014).