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Paediatric Ophthalmology

The major field of research concerns ophthalmologic findings and visual functions in prematurely-born children. During the last two decades population-based studies on the incidence and risk factors of ROP have been performed.

Recently a national study on various aspects on screening, natural history and incidence of ROP in all extremely preterm infants with a gestational age of less than 27 weeks, born in Sweden during three years (2004-7) has been performed. Further, we are responsible (GH) for a national quality register for ROP (SWEDROP,, a webbased register.

We also perform extensive and prospective follow-up studies on various visual functions up to teenage. During the last years, we have focused on retinal function and morphology, which are investigated with the help of OCT and ERG,

Various other paediatric ophthalmology studies have been performed on children with, amongst other conditions, haemangioma, x-linked retinoschisis, Down’s syndrome, incontinentia pigmentii, neurofibromatosis type II, albinism, aniridia etc. During the last years we have also focused on imaging of the retina and optic nerve and during 2009 we set up equipment for ERG and during 2011 multifocal ERG, which are now used in our research.

Medarbetare i gruppen:

Gerd Holmström, MD, PhD, Professor
Eva Larsson, MD, PhD, Associate professor
Dordi Austeng, MD, PhD
Hanna Åkerblom, MD, PhD Student
Anna Molnar, MD, PhD Student
Jonina Hreinsdottir, Ortoptist
Eva Nuija, Ortoptisk, forskningssköterska


Uwe Ewald, MD, PhD, Prof Neonatologi
Bo Strömberg, MD, PhD, docent barnneurologi
Katarina Strand-Brodd, MD, PhD, Neonatolog
Claes von Hofsten, Prof, Inst för psykologi Uppsala Universitet
Sten Andreasson, MD, PhD, Professor i oftalmiatrik, Lunds universitet
Karin Källen, docent, statistiker och epidemiolog, Tornbladsinstitutet, Lunds universitet


Group leader:

Gerd Holmström