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Developmental Genetics

We are interested in the development and function of neuronal circuits. Our goals are to increase the knowledge in how neuronal networks develop into functional units, to better understand the mechanisms behind communication in neuronal circuits and to investigate the role of specified subpopulations of neurons in neuronal circuitries with a defined function.

We use mouse genetics combined with many other approaches to efficiently reach our goals.As part of our aim, we wish to address degenerative conditions and insults to neural circuitry.

Our unit, currently consisting of three research groups, with the following research program:

- Formation and function of neuronal circuits (Klas Kullander´s research group)

- Sensory Circuits (Malin Lagerströms research group)

- Applied Neurodynamics Lab (Richardson N. Leao´s research group)

- Zebrafish Neural Networks (henrik Boije´s research group)

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Article: Origin and circuitry of spinal locomotor interneurons generating different speeds.

Henrik Boije and Klas Kullander


Professor Klas Kullander

Prof. Klas Kullander