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Clinical Neurophysiology

Visiting address: Ing 85, 3 tr, Akademiska sjukhuset
Postal address: Ing 85, 3 tr, Akademiska sjukhuset, 751 85 UPPSALA
Telephone: 018-611 3435
Fax: 018-556106

Research group leader:

Employees (faculty, staff and other members)

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Employees and students

Liis Sabre, postdoctoral fellow,

Liis works on different disease models of the neurodegenerative disorder Friedrich´s ataxia to elucidate pathogenic effects in the peripheral nervous system. 

Liis Sabre

Marta Lewandowska, postdoctoral fellow,

Martas project aims to analyse in-vitro neuromuscular transmission in an in-vitro nerve-muscle synapse and different mechanisms of failure. 

Marta Lewandowska

Elisabet Westerberg, PhD student,

Elisabet works on clinical studies that aim at determining how different enviromental and life style factors influence clinical changes in MG patients. SHe will also validate prognostic markers for the clinical course in MG.

Elisabet Westerberg

Evgenii Bogatikov, PhD student

Evgenii works on establishing the in-vitro neuromuscular junction on a chip, to study detailed mechanisms governing neuromuscular transmission in health and disease. 

Evgenii Bogatikov

Carl Johan Molin, PhD student

Carl Johan aims at establishing novel biomarkers in MG, including neurophysiological parameters and non-coding extracellular RNA (primarily microRNA).  

Carl Johan Molin

Ida Lindblad, master student

Ida works on analysis of extracellular microRNA as potential biomarkers in MG.

Ida Lindblad

Other group members:

Johan Widenfalk, specialist physician

Arne Sandberg, attending physician,

Erik Stålberg, professor emeritus,

Former group members: 

2012: Mayank Chauhan completed his 30p master project to determine how the mTOR-signaling pathway is affected in mice with experimental autoimmune MG with MuSK antibodies. Mayank is now a PhD-student in Basel, Switzerland.

2012: Linnea Haggård, did her master 30p project on metabolic factors for the disease course of Myasthenia Gravis.

2011: Keerthana Sekar, project student, working on the MuSK+ EAMG model. Keerthana is now working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant- Cell and Molecular Biology at california State University, Chico


Group leader:

Anna Rostedt Punga


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Anna Rostedt Punga, Klinisk neurofysiologi får anslag från Franska muskelsjukdomsstiftelsen, AFM

Anna Rostedt Punga har med sitt forskarteam glädjande erhållit 25000 euro från Franska muskelsjukdomsstiftelsen, AFM; Association francaise contre les myopathies, i samarbete med Dr Laure Strochlic från INSERM, Paris, för att utröna effekten av antikroppar mot CRD-domänen av MuSK på skelettmuskler och eventuell koppling till muskeltrötthet och myasthenia gravis.

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