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National and international collaborations

Anna Rostedt Punga as acted as joint workpackage leader together with Prof Markus Rüegg, Basel, Switzerland, in the “Fight-MG” European research network about Myasthenia Gravis, currently until May 2014 on pathophysiology at the neuromuscular junction.

The group of Prof Sonia Berrih-Aknin, INSERM, Paris, France is working together with “Neuromuscular synapse and myasthenia” in finding new biomarkers in MG.

Collaboration with associate professor Tanel Punga, IMBIM, BMC, Uppsala University, is ongoing on establishing the role of miRNA in MG and neuromuscular transmission.

Collaboration is ongoing with DB Sanders USA and J Kouyoumdjian Brazil to improve the method of single-fiber EMG.


Group leader:

Anna Rostedt Punga


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Anna Rostedt Punga, Klinisk neurofysiologi får anslag från Franska muskelsjukdomsstiftelsen, AFM

Anna Rostedt Punga har med sitt forskarteam glädjande erhållit 25000 euro från Franska muskelsjukdomsstiftelsen, AFM; Association francaise contre les myopathies, i samarbete med Dr Laure Strochlic från INSERM, Paris, för att utröna effekten av antikroppar mot CRD-domänen av MuSK på skelettmuskler och eventuell koppling till muskeltrötthet och myasthenia gravis.

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