Risk factors for the development of child psychiatric problems

In this project, we study risk factors for the development of antisocial behavior and alcohol abuse as well as examine the factors that influence this development after trauma. We study a particularly vulnerable group of children, i.e., institutionalized children, and we perform cross-cultural comparisons between children from different cultures.

Based on a bio-psycho-social model, psychopathology is developed through an interaction between biological, psychological and social risk factors. Risk factors can include genes, emotional attachment patterns, experiences of trauma and psychosocial factors such as poverty, crime and substance abuse.

Our research is characterized by a broad methodological variety, from genetic analyses to psychiatric epidemiological studies and clinical child psychiatric studies.


Vladislav Ruchkin
Mimmie Willebrand
Sandra Löfving-Gupta
Frank Lindblad
Johan Isaksson


Vladislav Ruchkin, Associate Professor

E-mail: Vladislav.Ruchkin@neuro.uu.se