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Children with traumatic experiences

We are studying children who have had traumatic experiences during their upbringing, their perception of these events, their perspective of trauma in relation to the perspective of adults and how they handle these experiences. 

Based on a salutogenic perspective, we map the risk and protective factors for the development of post traumatic psychopathology such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We study the effect of preventative methods in risk groups and early treatment strategies for children with signs of disease. The research is carried out in collaboration with the University of Duhok in Iraqi Kurdistan, where children who have been victims of terror and war are identified, investigated and treated. Within the project, assessment instruments such as Genogram, HUTQ-C and PTSS-C were developed to assess children's traumatization and the intervention effect.

The research on childhood trauma also includes studies of sexual abuse, the psychosocial consequences of serious illnesses in childhood and how the child is influenced by an environment that is colored by their parents social and/or psychiatric problems.

Members of the group:

Abdoulbaghi Ahmad
Frank Lindblad
Viveka Sundelin Wahlsten
Nezar Ismet Taib, MD, doctoral student


Abdoulbaghi Ahmad

Abdoulbaghi Ahmad
Associate Professor