Euroacademia Multidiciplinaria Neurotraumatologica (EMN) award to Professor Lars Hillered, Neurosurgery


Prof Lars Hillered has been elected by the Presidium of the Euroacademia Multidiciplinaria Neurotraumatologica (EMN) to present the Klaus von Wild Honorary Lecture at the 23rd Annual EMN Congress in Pecs, Hungary, May 8-10, 2018, entitled “Translational Research on Traumatic Brain Injury – a 30-year Perspective”.

This is a life-time recognition award for important scientific research in the field of neurotraumatology. Constituted in 1994 with Prof von Wild as the first president, the purpose of EMN is the advancement of neurotraumatology in research, practical application and teaching to improve the care for patients with head and spinal cord injury in Europe and beyond. The annual EMN congresses aim to provide a balanced view of basic and clinical science, clinical treatment and socio-economic aspects of the care for CNS injury in a multidisciplinary context.