Teaching Conference 20th of Aug 2018

Welcome to Teaching conference at Dept of Neuroscience

Date: 20/8-2018

Time: 12.00- 4.30 pm, starts with lunch at 12.00

Location: X

Click here on the link for registration to the Teaching conference

Last day for registration: Monday 13th of August

Organizers: Committee of studies at the Dept. of Neuroscience

For more information: contact anne-marie.landtblom@neuro.uu.se or cecilia.yates@neuro.uu.se.



The committee is chaired by the Assistant Head of Department for Undergraduate studies, Anne-Marie Landtblom.

The committee's administrator: Annika Backvall.

Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

 Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

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Winner of Neuroscience award for better teaching 2017

Olof Nylander, Professor in Physiology, Winner of “Neuroscience award for better teaching 2017”. Congratulations!

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