Teaching Conference 2018 at The Dept of Neuroscience

Welcome to the annual teaching conference 2018 with the following themes:

  • Active Student Participation (ASP)
  • The new learning management system Studium (Blackboard Learn).

Uppsala University endeavours:

  • Active student participation
  • Student representation
  • Student activating forms of teaching

The University’s website states that different forms of active student participation deepens the students’ knowledge and understanding, strengthens their commitment within their field, supports reflection of their own learning and promotes general skills such as collaborating with their peers and leading groups. Read more on this link: http://www.uu.se/asp/?languageId=1

Studium is the new learning management system that is gradually being introduced to Uppsala University, and will within a few years replace the current system, Studentportalen. Studium is both an administrative and pedagogical tool and will be used by teachers, students and course administators. Read more on this link: https://mp.uu.se/en/web/info/vart-uu/projekt/ny-larplattform

With this year’s teaching conference, The Undergraduate Studies Committee wishes to inspire to more student activiating forms of teaching and give the employees of the department an introduction to Studium. A more detailed programme will be presented later.

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Date and time: Monday 20th August 2018, 12:00-16:30
Place: Gunnesalen, Psykiatrins hus
Organizer: The Undergraduate Studies Committee, Dept of Neuroscience

Last day to register: Monday 13th August 2018.

For mor information, pleace contact anne-marie.landtblom@neuro.uu.se or annika.backvall@neuro.uu.se


Anne-Marie Landtblom, chairman of The Undergraduate Studies Committee at the Dept of Neuroscience


The committee is chaired by the Assistant Head of Department for Undergraduate studies, Anne-Marie Landtblom.

The committee's administrator: Annika Backvall.

Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

 Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

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Winner of Neuroscience award for better teaching 2018

Mia Ramklint, Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Winner of “Neuroscience award for better teaching 2018”. Congratulations!

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