The Undergraduate Studies Committee

The Undergraduate Studies Committee (GUK) leads efforts to maintain the high quality of the Department's courses, works to ensure that the content of courses is kept up to date and meets the requirements set by society at large. GUK is charged with assisting in providing pedagogic leadership for the Department's teaching staff and with promoting the development of courses according to the University's pedagogic programme.

The Department's efforts in undergraduate education are co-ordinated and led by the Undergraduate Studies Committee

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The Undergraduate Studies Committee is comprised of directors of studies with responsibility for the Department's seven subject areas:

Cell biology and Neurobiology Malin Lagerström
Pharmacology Madeleine Le Grevès
Physiology Olof Nylander
Speech and Language Pathology Monica Blom-Johansson
Neurology/Opthalmology/Neurosurgery/Neurophysiology/Rehabilitation Anne-Marie Landtblom
Psychiatry and medium-length courses in healthcare Mia Ramklint
Physiotherapy Lena Zetterberg


The committee is chaired by the Assistant Head of Department for Undergraduate studies, Anne-Marie Landtblom.

The committee's administrator: Annika Backvall.

Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

 Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

GUK meetings

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GUK Minutes

If you want to have minutes, contact Annika Backvall.

Winner of Neuroscience award for better teaching 2018

Mia Ramklint, Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Winner of “Neuroscience award for better teaching 2018”. Congratulations!

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