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The Departmental Board

The Board comprises

Chair: Finn Hallböök - Head of Department (until 2018-09-30)
Secretary: Lena Karlsson 

Co-opted members:
Lisa Ekselius - Deputy Head of Department/Assistant Head of Department for clinical neuroscience
Anne-Marie Landtblom Professor/ Assistant Head of Department for Undergraduate studies

Category: Teachers and researchers, for the period 2017-07-01 - 2020-06-30
Ordinary members:
Pernilla Åsenlöf - Professor
Malin Lagerström - Researcher
Dan Larhammar - Professor
Anna Rostedt Punga - Researcher

Substitute members:
Helgi Schiöth - Professor
Klas Kullander - Professor
Robert Bodén - Senior Lecturer
Christian Benedict - Researcher

Category: Technical and administrative staff, for period 2017-07-01 - 2020-06-30
ordinary members:
Cecilia Yates - Information Officer

Substitute members:
Maria Brandt - Financial Administrator

Category: Student representatives for period 2016-10-01 - 2017-09-30
Ordinary members:
Hedvig Zetterberg - Ph.D. student
Carolina Persson - Undergraduate

Substitute members:
vacant - Ph.D student

*One of the undergraduate students’ representatives is an ordinary member of the Board, while two are substitute members. This is decided by drawing lots.

The election of undergraduate students’ representatives is organized by the Students' Union, Faculty Co-ordnator at the faculty of medicine.

Substitute members replace ordinary members in their own category. The Board is the governing body for the entire Department of Neuroscience.

The Departmental Board´s meeting agenda

Spring 2018:

  • 6 February
  • 6 Mars
  • 11 April
  • 8 May
  • 12 June

Autumn 2018:

  • 4 September
  • 2 October
  • 13 November
  • 4 December

Time 1.15-4.45 pm

Do you want to make your opinion known to the Board?

The agenda is announced a week before the Board meeting via the homepage. If there is a specific issue that you would like to raise with the Board, contact your representative at least two weeks before the meeting when the agenda is drawn up. If you have questions or views regarding items on the agenda, contact your representative before the meeting.