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Post-graduate studies committee

The objective of the post-graduate studies committee's is to promote the development of the Department's programme of post-graduate studies.

The work of the committee is led by our two directors of post-graduate studies, Professor Lars Hillered, with particular responsibility for post-graduate studies conducted at Uppsala University Hospital, and Professor Helgi Schiöth, with particular responsibility for post-graduate activities at BMC.

Reports of annual reviews of post-graduate studies are compiled by Ph.D. students and their supervisors before submission to the committee for approval.

The post-graduate studies committee comprises:

Lars Hillered, Professor in Neurochemistry

Helgi Schiöth, Professor, Functional Pharmacology

Niklas Marklund, Researcher in Neurosurgery

Patrik Ivert, Ph.D. student in Physiotherapy

Anna Punga Rostedt, Researcher in Clinical Neurophysiology

Eva-Lena Wahlberg, Ph.D. student administrator


Director of post-graduate studies, Clinical units:
Lars Hillered, 018-611 42 42, Uppsala University Hospital

Director of post-graduate studies, Pre-clinical units:
Helgi Schiöth, 018-471 4622, BMC

Ph.D. student administrator:
Eva-Lena Wahlberg

Student representative in the Departmental Board:

Hedvig Zetterberg, PhD student Physioterapy


Next meeting is:

23ed Junuary 2018

15th May 2018