Employee Survey

The basis for everything that our Department achieves is the efforts of our personnel.

In order to live up to the potential of our organization it is therefore important to create the right conditions. Above all, through a good working environment where personnel feel they are able to contribute and where their views on their own working conditions are taken seriously.

During September the Department will carry out an University-driven survey from an external company, Quick Search, in order to ascertain how everyone in the Department of Neuroscience perceives their working environment. The survey will address questions on leadership, organization, physical environment, goals and strategies, as well as working climate. It is important that everybody takes time to complete the survey. The survey is web-based and will open Monday 16th of September, week 38. You will all be sent an email with instructions on how to access the survey.

The employee survey is anonymous. The results of the employee survey wil be followed up and an action plan implemented. The Human Resources dept. will be supporting us with this.

Ted Ebendal, Head of Department:

– Our Department is the first Department at Uppsala University which will do this new form of survey purchased from Quick search. Once again, we are unique and try to take the opportunity to measure and adjust possible shortfalls in our working environment in our large Department. Preparations for this survey are ongoing and are carefully followed by the Human Resources department of the University. I sincerely hope that you all take the opportunity to answer and assist in laying the foundations to the improvement of our Department!


Katarina Göransdotter-Jonsson, personnel specialist, at Uppsala University, Human Resources Division says:

– As part of the systematic efforts to secure a good working environment a survey is being implemented in cooperation with Quick Search. The aim of the survey is to get a good overview of our working conditions, what our strengths are, but also which areas that we can improve. One of the most important parts of the survey for the Board, Head of Department as well as us at Human Resources Divisionis to feedback and respond to the results of the survey. As the Department of Neuroscience will be the first Department to carry out the survey, we from Human Resources Division will give you all support we can according to as the Department wishes.