Why use internal pages?

These pages exist to offer support and assistance to those working at the Department of Neuroscience.

Also, please read "frequently asked questions" to see who you can get help from for each type of problem.

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Tillbud och arbetsskada

Klicka här för att komma till information om blanketter för anmälan av tillbud och arbetsskada.

Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

 Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

Advice for those working at the Department of Neuroscience!

In an emergency

Call (00) 112 when life, health or property are at immediate risk.

In serious incidents, call the University’s emergency number 018-471 25 00.

In an emergency, always contact Head of Department or Assistant Head of Department.

Checklist for emergencies


New invoicing address

As of 1st October 2016 we have a new invoicing address.

Uppsala universitet
PG 1254
737 84 Fagersta

It is necessary to make use of the correct reference code when making orders. Three numbers followed by three letters, no spaces.

Find correct reference code and read more under Administrative support.


Exercise benefits

All employees of the Department are entitled to a wellness hour per week and wellness grants, see more under "body and soul".

Introduktion för nyanställda vid Inst för neurovetenskap

De första intrycken som nyanställd kan vara avgörande för hur det går i fortsättningen med arbete och relationer till kollegor. Läs mer här om introduktion till nyanställda vid  Institutionen för neurovetenskap samt nya checklistor.