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Gene-environment interaction effects on psychiatric vulnerability

In a number of clinical series or population-representative samples, we are investigating the importance of genetic signatures of relevance to childhood development, behaviour, and psychiatric vulnerability, considering longitudinal trajectories of gene-environment interactions.

Among others:

1. A longitudinal study of resiliency- and risk factors for mental health, in collaboration with prof. Svedin C.G. and Sydsjö G., Linköping University;

2. Multiple studies of biopsychosocial effects on psychiatric symptoms in populations of adolescents, in collaboration with prof. Nilsson K.W., Västerås Centre of Clinical Research;

3. Prospective studies of the effect of peripartum depression on the health of the mother and the child, in collaboration with assoc. prof. Skalkidou A., Uppsala University.


Erika Comasco

Erika Comasco, forskare, docent

E-mail: erika.comasco@neuro.uu.se