Education at Dept. of Neuroscience

Helena Ekbrink has a lecture

The Department has extensive commitments at the undergraduate and advanced level of education within the scientific domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The Department has a major responsibility for the Program in Speech and Language Pathology, the Physiotherapy Programme, and the Nursing Programme specializing in Psychiatry. In the Biomedical Programme the Department is in part responsible for Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Tissue Biology and Immunology and Medical Neurobiology and Pharmacology. In the Medical Program the Department is responsible for the modules Communication, Nerves and Psyche, Neural Control and Movement, Homeostas and Intervention as well as for teaching the disciplines Neurology, Ophtalmology and Psychiatry. The Department is responsible for teaching Physiology in the Pharmacy Assistant Programme and for a large number of Independent courses.

At the advanced level, the Department is in part responsible for the Master Program in Public Health.

The Department also participates in the undergraduate Biology Program in the faculty of Science and Technology.


Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

 Committee for Equal Opportunites power point for education

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