Annual review of post-graduate studies

An annual review of progress in post-graduate (doctoral) studies is conducted by the Ph.D. student and his or her supervisor. This annual review is submitted on a form designed for the purpose (special form for the department of Neuroscience, see link below). A signed report is handed over to the doctoral student administrator and is checked and approved by the department's Post-graduate studies committee.

Once approved, the annual review is registered in UPPDOK by the doctoral student administrator. Half-time review or licentiate may replace the annual review. A copy of the minutes of the examining committee is, in these cases, submitted instead of the report.

Form for annual review of post-graduate studies


Director of post-graduate studies, Clinical units:
Lars Hillered, 018-611 42 42, Uppsala University Hospital

Director of post-graduate studies, Pre-clinical units:
Helgi Schiöth, 018-471 4622, BMC

Ph.D. student administrator:
Eva-Lena Wahlberg

Student representative in the Departmental Board:

Hedvig Zetterberg, PhD student Physioterapy

PM Admission seminar

Admission seminar aims to improve the quality of postgraduate studies through support of the proposed PhD-student and principal supervisor for planning the studies. Click here to read all informationProtocol - Admission seminar

When problems arise..

There may be times during your post-graduate studies in which you encounter problems or experience uncertainty. In addition to your supervisor, you can also seek assistance from the directors of post-graduate studies and the Ph.D. student representatives on the Board of the Department: please feel free to contact them!

Winner of PhD student Best poster relay at Neuroscience Day 2016

Andreas Tolf, Ph D student in Neurology, won the Ph D student Best poster relay with his poster/presentation. Congratulations! 

To read the motivation behind the decision please follow the link to the webpage.