In order to be admitted to a course of education at a doctoral or licenciate level you must meet the requirements of both the general and specific admissions criteria. These admissions criteria are specified in the general syllabus for third-cycle education programmes in medical science.

The process for recruiting a doctoral student begins at departmental level when a researcher (the intended supervisor) requests permission to establish a Ph.D. position from the Head of department (see the form application to establish a new doctoral student position, stage 1 purpose, financing and supervision). The researcher will also certify on a special consent form, that the supervisor's external funding may used to support the doctoral student's maintenance. For clinically active doctoral students, consent from the head of clinic is also required.

In the normal case, the Ph.D. studentship is advertised as open for applicants, for example on the university's homepage. A selection is then made from among the applicants meeting the relevant admissions requirements. In making this selection special consideration is paid to the ability of the candidates to benefit from third-cycle education by assessing their:

  • documented scientific knowledge in fields relevant to the particular area of research
  • other analytical abilities shown in scientific reports, essays, project work or similar.
  • other documented knowledge that may be of significance for third-cycle education in the relevant field.

As third-cycle education is to a large extent conducted in English, proficiency in the English language is required. If you come from a country outside the Nordic countries, and have not completed a degree course in which English was the language of instruction, then you must present a valid certificate in English proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL).

The researcher then presents the choice of doctoral student on the form, "application to establish a new doctoral student position, stage 2: recruitment".

When you have been selected as a candidate for doctoral student admission, you will work together with your intended supervisor to compile a scientific research plan. Your research plan should comprise 2-3 pages of A4 paper, in Swedish or English, with the following headings; Title, Background, Objectives, Preliminary results, Working plan, Methods, Research significance and References.

The form "application to establish a new doctoral student position, stage 2: recruitment" and the scientific plan will be reviewed by one of the department's directors of post-graduate studies. The enire application is then submitted to the head of department at least three weeks before the faculty's post-graduate study committee meeting, link see the medical faculty's post-graduate studies committee.

You may then submit the faculty's electronic application form to the medical faculty at least 11 days before the next meeting of the post-graduate studies committee, according to the instructions on the medical faculty's homepage (the pages requires a personal log-in).


Director of post-graduate studies, Clinical units:
Lars Hillered, 018-611 42 42, Uppsala University Hospital

Director of post-graduate studies, Pre-clinical units:
Helgi Schiöth, 018-471 4622, BMC

Ph.D. student administrator:
Eva-Lena Wahlberg

Student representative in the Departmental Board:

Hedvig Zetterberg, PhD student Physioterapy

PM Admission seminar

Admission seminar aims to improve the quality of postgraduate studies through support of the proposed PhD-student and principal supervisor for planning the studies. Click here to read all informationProtocol - Admission seminar

When problems arise..

There may be times during your post-graduate studies in which you encounter problems or experience uncertainty. In addition to your supervisor, you can also seek assistance from the directors of post-graduate studies and the Ph.D. student representatives on the Board of the Department: please feel free to contact them!

Winner of PhD student Best poster relay at Neuroscience Day 2016

Andreas Tolf, Ph D student in Neurology, won the Ph D student Best poster relay with his poster/presentation. Congratulations! 

To read the motivation behind the decision please follow the link to the webpage.