Neuroscience seminar, Bmc

New format of The Neuroscience Lunch Seminars at BMC:

Time: 12.15-13
Location: Lunch room, C2:2 BMC

The aims of the Neuroscience Seminar Series are manifold, including:

  • Informing colleagues about projects
  • An opportunity for PhD students and postdocs to practise presenting data
  • An opportunity to get feedback from colleagues
  • Information from external invited speakers

Mixed seminars by PhD students, postdocs/young scientists, group leaders and invited speakers.

Group leaders are expected to attend as frequently as possible. This serves as the prime signal that group members shall attend.

A new format of Neuroscience seminars at BMC:

The research groups themselves will be responsible for the seminar and decide who will present. Every group will be responsible for 1-2 seminars per term. At each occasion there will be a researcher who will act as Head of the seminar from another research group.

The new format will be as follows:

Total 30 minutes;

10 min- General introductions of the subject, aiming to give a broader picture for the project to increase the interest.
10 min- Main subject
5 min- Conclusions
5 min- Questions

PhD students can expect to give two seminars during the PhD program.

The other two presentation events, the licentiate/halftime seminar and the PhD dissertation, must be advertised well in advance and should also be expected to be attended. This is important both as a preparation for each PhD student's own dissertation and as an tribute to the accomplishments of the graduating candidates. A participation list should be circulated.

Issuing credits is not a significant driving force, however the participation list should be used to facilitate this on each occasion. Credits may be issued proportionally to the number of seminars/dissertations attended. 0.1 credits/occasion (seminar, licentiate/halftime seminar, doctoral dissertation) with credits issued for each multiple of 0.5 reached by the PhD student (i.e., 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 etc.)

Cecilia Yates, 2018