New time & location

Time: 12.15-1 pm

Location: Lunch room C2:2, Bmc


If you want to book a seminar or get information about available times? Please contact: Cecilia Yates,, 018-4714771

Neuroscience seminar, Bmc

The aims of Neuroscience seminar series are manyfold, including:

  • Information about projects to colleagues
  • Training opportunity for PhD students and postdocs to present data
  • Opportunity to get feedback from colleagues
  • Information from external invited speakers

New format of Neuroscience seminars at Bmc:

Mix seminars by PhD students, postdocs/young scientists, group leaders and invited speakers.

PhD students may expect to give two seminars during the PhD program.

The other two presentation events, i.e., licentiate/halftime seminars and PhD dissertation must be advertised well in advance and should also be expected to be attended. This is important both as a preparation for each PhD student's own coming dissertation and as an tribute to the accomplishments of the graduating candidate. Participation list should be circulated.

Group leaders are expected to attend as frequently as possible. This serves as the prime signal that group members shall attend.

Issue credits, but this is not a significant driving force. Make sure the participation list is circulated on each occasion. Credits may be issued proportinally to the number of attended seminars/dissertations. We suggest 0.1 credit/occasion (seminar, licentiate/halftime seminar, doctoral dissertation) with credits issued for each multiple of 0.5 reached by the PhD student (i.e., 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 etc.)

The first part of a seminar's discussion & questions should be reserved for PhD students and postdocs/young scientists.

Change seminar time to Thursdays at 12:15. Change is essential to signal new format. Thursdays will allow visiting opponents to give seminar in conjunction with dissertations that usually take place on Fridays. Lunchtime seminars will allow more people to attend, also those who often run continuous experiments during afternoons. Those who wish to have lunch at this time without attending the seminar may use lunch rooms in C2:2, C2:3 or A2:2.

For more information contact or book time for a seminar: Cecilia Yates, Information officer,

or Christian Benedict, Functioanl Pharmacology