How to find us

The activities of the Department of Neuroscience are based at both Uppsala University Hospital and the University's Biomedical Centre, campus BMC.

You can find a map of campus BMC and the surrounding area below. The Head of department is to be found in A2: 2, the Department's central administration is located in in C2:2 and our research groups at BMC occupy corridors A2:2, B1:2, D1:2 and C2:2. Student areas andteaching premises are found in the whole of campus BMC. Course administration is located in A2: 1. You can read more about the Biomedical Centre on BMC's homepage.

BMC map

Below is a map of the Uppsala University Hospital (UAS). The Department's research groups, and associated administration, are located in the vicinity of the relevant care unit.

Uppsala University Hospital map



Picture at dopamine neurons

Glutamatergic projections passing between dopamine neurons, photo Åsa Mackenzie, Neuronal Circuitries of the Basal Ganglia, Developmental Genetics