Junior Faculty of Neuroscience

Junior Faculty of Neuroscience (JFoN) is a group where all the postdocs and researchers that have PhDs, but do not have permanent positions join hands together. Junior faculty represents a large group of people who bridge the gap between the permanent faculty and the students.

We are an asset for this department since our skills and knowledge are used to push forward successful research in the lab. Additionally, we also hold responsibility to teach courses, supervise students and provide leadership within our groups. Currently, we are barely visible within the department as we are dispersed in different groups and lack opportunities to interact with fellow members of other groups.

Our major goals are to help and support one another in research and in all the transitions we face as we climb the ladder from postdoc to becoming an independent and successful researcher. Although it is true that money is a finite resource for which we compete, we all benefit much more by working together and combining our complementary skills rather than seeing one another as adversaries. A talented group of researchers working together is more than the sum of its parts. Larger groups with interdisciplinary expertise obviously get larger grants. We are valuable and indispensable resource for this department and we wish to get visibility and support from the senior permanent faculty in order to form a stronger and more powerful Department of Neuroscience.

Do you want to connect and know your fellow researchers in the neuroscience department? Do you need any support with you current and future research career? Do you need a platform to discuss ideas for grant applications and make collaborations? Then join us and lets come together to make a difference for ourselves and for our department. Science is, and always has been, a collaborative effort. Regardless of whether you want to stay in Uppsala or plan to move abroad, having a strong connection to a supportive network of scientists can only benefit us all.

Junior Faculty of Neuroscience (JFoN)